Huns Hall of Fame

The Austin Huns Rugby Football Club was founded in 1972. In 2017, in celebration of the club’s 45th anniversary, the Huns Hall of Fame was created. The goal of the Huns Hall of Fame is to celebrate individuals who have had an oversized impact on the success of the club. This could be from efforts on the field, off the field, as an organizer or as a supporter of the club. The Huns Hall of Fame is dedicated to the ideal of “Once a Hun, Always a Hun.”

Huns RFC
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the Huns RFC
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Induction Year
Pat Lochridge19722017
Shawn Rutledge19932019
Luke Ashley19722019
Luis Sanchez20002019
Kirk Tate1983/20012019
John Burns19752019
Jay Rudd19782019
Jack Bloom19812019
Graham Watson19922019
Gerry Acuna19772019
David Zack19882019
Chris Bugge19852019
Carl Dahlberg19892019
Bill Overton19752019

The Huns Hall of Fame is managed by the Huns Hall of Fame Committee which is a semi-autonomous, self-sustaining organization formed by the Huns RFC Board. Per guidelines passed unanimously, the Huns Hall of Fame inducts members in years ending in 2, 4, 7 and 9. To be eligible for consideration, a person must be 10-years out from his/her first OFFICIAL year of involvement with the Huns RFC.