Huns D1


The TRU Men’s Club Div.1 League is part of the ACR4 or more recently referred to as the Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC). Each of the D1 clubs will play home & away.  They ALL travel with their second teams (D1b – which play in Division 2 senior men’s rugby). The Texas Rugby Union Men’s Club Division 1 (D1) League is comprised of the teams below.

*Note: To be eligible for the USA Rugby Playoffs in a given division, a player must have participated in at least three matches in that division or a lower division, AND must not have played 50% or more of that player’s cup matches in a higher division. The 50% of matches calculation is specific to the player. For example, if a player participates in only 4 cup games out of a 12 game season, 2 in D1 and 2 in D2, that player is ineligible to compete in Division 2 playoffs because he played 50% of his matches in a higher division. However the player would still be eligible for D1 playoffs, since matches in a lower division count towards the 3 match minimum.